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Wellpath’s Subsurface team is a group of geologists, petrophysicist, production and reservoir engineers focused on well performance solutions.

Our expert team will contribute to our client's asset teams, developing an understanding of their reservoirs, their exploration, appraisal and development challenges and their KPIs. 

Following Services can be offerred to our Customers:


  • Seismic interpretation and structure modelling

  • Geology: static modelling, facies analysis

  • Petrophysics: logs interpretation, fluid contacts determination

  • Geosteering operational support and trajectory monitoring during horizonal drilling, side track, 

  • Production technology: well optimization, artificial lift calculations (ESP, gaslift, etc)

  • Reservoir engineering: production analysis, material balance, PVT analysis/ modelling, SCAL data analysis, reserves estimation, welltest analysis.

  • Hydrodynamic simulation: creating dynamic models, history matching, production forecasting. 

  • Risk/Uncertainty analysis: risks screening, uncertainty evaluation at static and dynamic models level.

  • Economics evaluation: economic calculations, NPV, IRR evaluation.


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