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The high cost of drilling and completions, particularly as wells become more complex, demands enhanced drilling performance, and elimination of  non-productive time.  In such a complicated environment, effective and in-depth planning is critical if Client Well Engineering goals are to be met.

WellPath have a track record of helping Clients to reduce project time,  and cost, by applying our proprietary Performance Improvement Methodologies.  Our works does not end there however, we always ensure we leave our Clients teams with the tools they need to continue to build their learning, with no external support being required.


WellPath utilises proven processes, in the hands of experienced personnel to boost efficiency in drilling operations through a principle of the Design, Evaluate and Enhance.

Our team has a track record of achieving up to 65% schedule improvement for our Clients, and this includes  on a very complicated deep HPHT well.


Our services include, amongst others:

- Effective Planning Workshops (DWOP, Peer Review, AAR, Peer Assist and etc.)

​- Performance Analysis

- Performance Management

- Performance Coaching

- Cost/Schedule Model and Review

- Case Studies and Failure Analysis

- QAQC Management

Contact WellPath for more information about our Performance Optimisation support and how they can benefit your project.

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